Something exciting is happening Anaheim and it is called the Anaheim Packing District.

If you will be coming to Anaheim, make sure you visit the new communal gathering place in the heart of downtown Anaheim. The Packing District, includes the wonderfully restored historic spaces such as:

Farmers Park – Farmers Park is located on 2 acres and offers an exciting community gathering place with lovely outdoor gardens for your enjoyment.

The Packard Building – The Packard building is an historic commercial building located in a district which has seen unprecedented urban development in the past decade.

Packing House – The Packing House was once a hub of commerce for the local area where local farmers arrived to prepare, crate, label and load citrus that would then get shipped nationwide. It has now been refurbished into a lively 2- story communal eatery with many delicious cafes and eatery kiosks and beautiful outdoor garden spaces.

Classes, performances and live weekend music are just some of the many events for you to enjoy when you visit the Anaheim Packing District. With so much delicious food, wonderful space and terrific activities to enjoy, make sure you visit the Anaheim Packing District the next time you stay with us here at the Embassy Suites Anaheim South.